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Proteína Renovable

Utilising billions of years of biology to make us more efficient

Through utilising the forces of nature, Nomadic Farms is able to produce excellent quality protein, through renewable, ecological, and novel ways. 

We identify that there is a need to transform the current methods of production of protein, and the disposal of food stuffs. Nomadic Farms has the solution to be able to move us into a brighter, cleaner future. 

Our Products

NF Spread

Fresh insect meat ideal for wet and dry pet food. 


NF Soil

Processed insect frass, perfect for boosting crop yield. A natural alternative to fertilisers. 

Free Range Chicken Farm

NF Snack

Whole dried larvae, excellent nutritional source for chickens, lizards, and exotic pets. 


Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL)

The Hermetia Ilucens, better known as the Black Soldier Fly is a natural marvel. Found in many places around the world, this fly plays a key role in its ecosystem, feeding on decaying organic matter. By doing so it turns what would once have gone to waste into a viable and renewable alternative to the harmful proteins of the modern age. 
These flies like to lay their eggs in damp places near sources of decaying organic matter so that their larvae have plenty of food to grow, as when they morph into flies they no longer eat! 


Rich in fatty acids, proteins, and minerals

100% Organic

Activates plant defences against fungal or nematode infections

Improves Plant Growth

Source of calcium

Good digestibility and palatability

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