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About Nomadic Farms

Nomadic Farms is looking to revolutionise the protein industry through more renewable methods. Based out of Spain, we look to reutilise waste and turn it into a sustainable product. We know we only have one planet, so we try our best to take care of it. 
We began in late 2021 looking for solutions on how to make an impact. After discovering the importance of the protein industry, and the shortage we are soon to face, Nomadic Farms was born. Through studying and researching, we have found a way to make our model work. By reutilising waste, we are able to grow the Black Solider Fly (Hermetia Illucens) at a very high quality, turning waste into a valuable product for the benefit of humankind. 


Our Mission

At Nomadic Farms we have made it our mission to produce a high quality Black Solider Fly to replace the wasteful consumption of other protein sources. 

We want to supply our customers with high grade protein from a low impact source, guaranteeing that the protein they buy is not contributing to climate change or the harm and depletion of species. 

This is done through our new technologies and processes that can rear the black Soldier Fly in a more sustainable long-term fashion, all the while being a reliable source of protein.

Our Vision

We hope to see our industry make a change. The active change of reducing carbon emissions, cut overfishing, and utilising more renewable methods is exactly that, active. We look towards a future where we can be proud of how we utilise our plant's resources, in a responsible manner. Nomadic Farms does that by actively choosing more ecological ways. 
We have our eyes set on becoming a major force in protein production, through implementing these goals on our day-to-day activities. We hope to supply and help anyone who is looking to make a change for the better of our planet. 

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